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February 19, 2016
Northern Futures Industry Partners Breakfast 2016


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Friday February 19, 2016


Food for thought at Northern Futures Industry Partners Breakfast

Guests at the Northern Futures Industry Partners Breakfast were recently given some food for thought by social justice campaigner Rev Tim Costello and Give Where You Live chief executive Bill Mithen.

Mr Mithen spoke about GROW (G21 Region Opportunities for Work) and the GROW Compact which acknowledges that ‘addressing disadvantage is everybody’s business’.

In November 2015, 20 Geelong organisations signed up to the Compact, committing themselves to stimulating inclusive jobs growth and increasing local investment to maximise economic and social outcomes in targeted areas across the G21 region.

Mr Mithen urged other Geelong businesses to sign up to the Compact.

Rev Costello spoke about the nature of disadvantage and how the poorest communities can be hugely rich in their sense of community.

He spoke of understanding disadvantage in terms of human flourishing – the extent to which people have the conditions and resources that allow them to live a good life, as they define it.

“An important corollary of human flourishing is inter-generational progress – the idea that life for the next generation will be more secure, more rewarding, more fulfilling,” Rev Costello said.

“A big factor in whether people can find a spring of optimism within themselves is the character of the community they belong to.”

Rev Costello said strong communities have strong leadership.

“Not just on the political level or even among businesses or community groups but also the ones who lead by example and by inspiration,” he said.

“So celebrate your local successes and celebrate your local heroes, and best and most important of all, use every success to inspire and recreate another one.”