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Our Projects Northern Bay Guarantee

vivaThe Northern Bay Guarantee is an innovative program giving young single parents living in Geelong’s northern suburbs the guarantee of opportunity. This highly collaborative two-year program partners Northern Futures with Northern Bay College, The Gordon, Deakin University and Viva Energy Australia, Geelong Refinery. It gives the guarantee of a job or fee-free higher education – including university placement – to participants aged between 15 and 25 who successfully complete national accredited training.

The Northern Bay Guarantee was enabled by a $300,000 social investment by Viva Energy and a $30,000 grant from Enterprise Geelong, through the Flexible Funding Pool of the Department of Employment. In addition, each partner has contributed significant in kind value.

  • Kelly, Emmalyn & Abbey Rose

    Kelly, Emmalyn and Abbey Rose are three young parents taking charge of their lives and their future through the Northern Bay Guarantee.

    Like many of the participants, they have been drawn from Northern Bay College’s Young Parents Access Program.

    Their stories are varied but full of hope and determination to create a better life for themselves and their children.